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Bradley & Almerico, LLC

The attorneys at Bradley & Almerico, LLC have quickly become known as the best in the business in Louisiana.  In the year 2017, they tried more felony jury trials than any other private law firm in St Tammany Parish, statistically the most difficult jurisdiction in the United States, and not one of their clients was found guilty as charged.  While they cannot promise those results on every case, they can promise the best representation available.  They guard their reputation ferociously.

Michael and John founded and headed the Criminal Division of the 22nd Judicial District Bar Association.  They have defended thousands of clients across South Louisiana and have saved their clients countless years in prison, as well as aggressively represented their clients in family and civil courts.  Their reputation is impeccable.

Bradley & Almerico, LLC was founded on the idea of bringing a modern and unique approach to representing their clients.  They both work on every aspect of the case and begin each case with the idea of taking it to trial.  People unfamiliar with the legal system often do not grasp the uniqueness of this approach, but they soon do.  They also focus on teamwork and communication.   One of the common complaints of clients is lack of communication between the attorney and the client.  You will not have this problem at Bradley & Almerico, LLC.   We never forget that each case is the most important thing in that client’s life, and we behave accordingly.

Michael and John began their trial careers as indigent defenders, and after quickly realizing they built a reputation as the best of the best, they decided to join forces and enter private practice.  Michael had the highest plea-to-dismissal ratio in the State of Louisiana and John became known as one of the best voire dire (jury pickers in laymans terms) around.  Since forming their practice, they have earned a reputation for hard work, compassion and excellence.  Michael was recently voted St Tammany’s Favorite Overall Attorney in Edge Magazine.  They have never had a client found guilty as charged in a felony jury trial.  Again, they do not promise that result in every case, but they can promise the best representation available.  Ask around.  They are proud of their reputation and it speaks for itself.

The attorneys at Bradley & Almerico, LLC passionately defend clients in St. Tammany Parish, Jefferson Parish, St. Bernard Parish, Livingston Parish, as well as surrounding parishes throughout Southern Louisiana. You deserve a defense attorney who is committed to not only protecting your rights, but also fighting for you. Call today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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